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by Traveling Holmes

Hi, we’re the Holmes family! Just your average family who is selling it all to travel the world, and document it all.

We’re originally from a teeny tiny town in Ontario, Canada. We were living the “All Canadian Dream” back home. We had the house, the car, and all of the things. Something was missing though…

We decided that memories and experiences are far more valuable than material things that take up room and cause clutter.

Plane Photo all 3 of us

Our Goals

1. Become closer as a family

2. Learn about other cultures

3. Explore

4. Create life long memories

How We're Going To Do It

We’re going to sell all of our belongings, continue working online, and build other income streams. All while documenting our journey for ourselves, our family, and our community- you!

We want to create life long memories and live a relatively stress-free life. We plan on doing a mixture of slow and fast travel, without a plan set in stone. If we feel that we’re moving too fast, we will slow down. If we’re feeling like its time to move on and live a little faster-paced life, then we’ll do that!

Meet The Fam Jam


Hi, I’m Mitch! I’m the laid back, spontaneous one of the family. I’m the one who is always pushing all three of us out of our comfort zones. 

Before taking off on this journey, I was an underground gold miner and in my spare time you would’ve found me spending time with my family, watching a good show, or spending time outdoors. 

I’m a pretty relaxed guy who likes to wander around and see where life takes me- especially if that’s to a beach. 


Hi, I’m Kaylee! I’m the more organized and creative one of the family. My plan before this was to become a primary teacher or social worker. That’s on hold for now as we chase our “out of this world” dreams- to travel full time as a family and document it all. 

I’m the one who is behind the scenes of most of our videos, and who does the creative and marketing sides of things. If I could I would spend my days in the water swimming, or wandering around a new place.

Hi I’m Cooper! I’m a lover of all things transportation. Cars, helicopters, loaders, mixers, planes, trains, monster trucks… the list goes on. 

I REALLY dislike swings but I do love slides. I’m a friendly little guy who loves to say hi. I’m looking forward to meeting different people and saying hi to them, and seeing all of the shiffy’s (fishy’s) in the ocean!


Thank you for visiting our website and taking part in our adventure. If you have any suggestions for our journey, or want to say hello, feel free to contact us or leave us a comment on our social media!

Happy Travels,
Traveling Holmes.